Increasing Your Penis Size to Make Your Girl Moan With Pleasure

How to Increase the Size of Your PenisMost men are still wondering how to have a big penis to make their girls enjoy sex. Some men spend so much time and money taking supplements and other drugs that lead to added side effects and complications. The best way to improve the size is to follow fundamental techniques and guidelines. The penis is just like any other body part and will respond to natural approaches without the risk of pain, disease and other problems. Here are some proven techniques on how to have a big dick to impress your girl.

Have More Sex

Many experts accept that frequent sexual activities help you enlarge your penis. Just like any body part, the penis will as well grow big and mature if it is given more exercise regularly. Circulation of blood to the area, erection, and ejaculation will lead to increase in size. Partners are advised to explore much of their sexual life trying newly discovered techniques and positions. Most of these techniques help in maintaining the length and size of the normal penis.

Doing Penis Exercises

There are numerous activities for the penis available to assist you to increase the shape, girth, and length. Try the most frequent exercise by making an OK sign with your forefinger and thumb, then pulling the skin of your penis back into a semi-erect position. Use lubricant to avoid friction and prevent skin burn. Next, remove the penis from the base up to the head. You can alternate hands to get the full feel. The movement should be done slowly. Take 2 seconds to pull back, then another 2 seconds to pull up.

Have Warm Ups

You can warm up before the jelqing exercise described above. The most common way to warm up is to place a warm compress on the area before you begin the exercise. You can as well pour warm water over the area. You can massage the pelvis and the area that surrounds the penis using your hands. Press firmly around the base of the penis. You can do this too upon waking up in the morning. When doing the jelqing exercise, do 200 reps per exercise. Other penis workouts are also available in books and on the internet. You can get good results in 8 weeks. Some people even get as much as 2-inch gains on the program.

Holding Exercise

Try to flex and stretch the muscle you use to stop the flow of urine. Contract the muscle and test how long you can keep it in the contracted position. For example, if the highest number of seconds is 15, you should aim to double that at the end of 1 month. Do the holding exercise once or twice every day.

Hold the contracted position 10 to 12 times per training session. You will find that urinating problems can be treated too. You get to avoid complications and other urination and challenges when you reach 40 to 50. The muscle you are working out is called PC or pubococcygeus muscle. It is vital that you know more about this muscle to understand how you can enlarge the penis.

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How to Strengthen Your PC for a Powerful Ejaculation

scrimshaw-382535_640Men and women are always on the lookout for ways to achieve and enjoy better sex. But that doesn’t mean resorting to pills and supplements in the answer. As a man, there are certain things you can do to improve sexual pleasure for both you and your partner, and it’s all down to the DIY approach.

An effective way to improve your sex life by boosting the power of your ejaculation is to strengthen your PC muscle. Read on to discover how!

What is the PC muscle?

Your pubococcygeus muscle – more commonly known as the PC muscle is a hammock shaped muscle that begins at the pubic bone and ends at the tail bone (coccyx), creating your pelvic floor and supporting the surrounding organs.

So what does that have to do with better sex? As it happens, strengthening your PC muscle can result in stronger, more powerful ejaculation.

What can I do to strengthen the PC muscle?

Giving your PC muscle a healthy workout is easier than you might think.

Firstly, you’ll need to locate the muscle within your body. It’s no good if you’re working out the wrong body part! As the PC muscle controls urine flow, a simple way to feel the location of your muscle is to urinate. Feel carefully where your muscles are contracting as you alternate your flow. That is your PC!

Now you know, it’s time to start your workout.

Start with a simple warm up. Contract for five seconds, rest for five more. Repeat this ten times.
Next, you’ll want to move on to standard, firmer contractions. Contract your PC 30 times, then rest for 60 seconds. Repeat this process times ten. Finally, contact your PC quickly in a ‘flutter’ motion repeatedly for 10 seconds straight. Rest for thirty seconds, then repeat this step twice.

After one week, you’ll need to add another exercise to your routine:

Contract your PC firmly, and hold the position for 60 seconds. Rest for 60 more. There’s no need to repeat this step. During your third week, you should increase this exercise to two minutes.

Finally, after four weeks, add the following to your routine:

Contract your PC for 20 seconds, rest for 30. Repeat five times.

And remember, if you need motivation – just think of the strong, long-lasting erections you’ll be able to achieve once you’ve build up your PC! Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the vast health benefits of a healthy cardiovascular system.

The benefits of strengthening your PC.

As already outlined, strengthening your PC muscle will help you reach much more powerful orgasms, but what else can it do for your sex life?

You’ll experience better pleasure as a result of the stronger orgasmic contraction.
You’ll be able to ‘shoot’ further when ejaculating.
You’ll gain the ability to take control over your orgasms, never having to experience premature ejaculation again.
You’ll be able to control your erection, moving your penis using only your muscles.
You’ll experience an overall improvement to your urinary health and control.

So why wouldn’t you want to give it a try?

It’s clear to see the benefits of strengthening your PC muscle, so start today and begin your path to a happier, more satisfying sex life.

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Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Cellulite

woman-924447_640Although you might not prefer the idea of looking at the mirror and observe the presence of cellulite on your body, you simply do not have any other alternative but to live with it. It is very challenging to get rid of cellulite and nobody wants to have it. Nevertheless, in case you have the opportunity to eliminate cellulite from your legs, for example, by treating yourself at the local spa, then obviously there are quite a few reasons why you must get yourself treated.

You might not remember having cellulite while you were young in age due to the fact that often cellulite comes with age. Even though studies have shown that this particular condition is usually considered genetic, it does not imply that you’re going to have it when you are a kid or even a teenager. It might be the fact that you were affected by cellulite after giving birth to your baby or after experiencing some weight gain.

Unfortunately, this type of flaw in your body can lower your self-confidence since individuals usually feel and also look older because it is not noticeable till you get a bit old. You will feel depressed and jaded. Therefore, one important way to make you younger and more attractive will be to get rid of cellulite.

Of course, we usually do not like to see ourselves getting fat when we look at the mirror whether it is because of cellulite or not. In fact, you will be lacking in self-confidence very easily due to the presence of cellulite, even though you are slim or at a healthy weight. It is really quite frustrating in case you are performing regular workouts and following a strict diet regime and still are not able to get rid of cellulite. This type of body fat will not do any good to you at all and even you might think that you are not as physically fit as you would like to be even though you are healthy. It is prudent to get your treatment from an expert in case you really want to feel happy and satisfied with your body.

Every individual wants to appear good in a swimsuit and you are definitely not the only one who is having this type of feeling. As a matter of fact, by the removal of cellulite, you will definitely appear much better while baring your skin. Without cellulite, your skin will appear refreshed and smooth which will definitely assist in boosting your self-confidence.

It is not very easy to get rid of cellulite on your own and it is recommended to visit your local spa which should provide this service. Although you might be required investing your hard-earned money, it will prove to be worthy in the long run.

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Surprising Oral Sex Wonders To Heal A Woman’s Body

teeth-25600_640A significant number of healthy functioning people enjoy sexual intimacies with their partners. Incidentally there are various forms of sexual encounter; not just the traditional and exclusively genital engagements. You certainly have heard or engaged in oral sex. Despite the usual pleasures of this form of sexual encounters, you might be surprised to learn that oral sex has very vital health benefits to you as a woman. There is no grater joy that you can derive a lot of heath benefits from something that is also very pleasurable to you. The sperms in the semen have been known to have therapeutic value to women. Let’s consider some of the benefits you are bound to enjoy as you get the pleasure of this kind of sex.

The semen from your man contains superb nutrients that are necessary to have your mind body working at an optimum level. The fact is these nutrients will go a long way in boosting your memory meaning much lower memory loss.

Many women are having problems controlling their blood pressure as age catches up with them. You do not have to wait for this. Sperms taken during oral sex can go a long way in controlling a woman’s blood pressure.

Believe it, aging is one nightmare that scares a significant number of women; we don’t like loosing the allure and appeal of our youthful looks. Don’t bother with those face creams that promise that youthful look. Spermidine, a chemical found in sperms can effectively slow down your rate of aging; you don’t apply the sperms, rather you just swallow it in during oral sex.

A major area of health concern to many women in the contemporary society is the scaring possibility of developing breast cancer. Know this; oral sex actually brings down the risk of breast cancer in a woman. This due to chemicals found in the sperms that have been established to prevent this category of cancer.

In case you suffer from lack of sleep, your man’s semen is a perfect remedy for this. Semen contains melatonin, a chemical that effectively induces sleep and enhances relaxation. By getting in a dose of semen you are actually ingesting this chemical and rest assured you will doze off easier and better than with the use of many sleep aids you can buy over the counter.

Enjoyable sex itself is a great anti-depressant. However, there is more to it for the woman. Women exposed to semen during oral sex are much less likely to fall in mental depressions. Cortisol, oxytocin and other chemicals found in semen have been proven to be the most effective anti-depressants.

Combat morning sickness during pregnancy. A superb way of handling nausea when you are pregnant is by taking some of your guy’s semen. This has inherent compounds that will effectively help you combat this condition during your pregnancy.

The benefits of your man’s semen are many and varied. As you contemplate on this feel free to consult your partner so that both of you can enjoy the thrills of oral sex as you also reap greater health benefits from this pleasure.

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How To Boost Sexual Stamina And Power In Men With Natural Remedies

sperium-319806_640According to data reported by a leading health website, many men have low sperm count, and suffer from fatigue, depression, weakened muscles, infertility, and erectile dysfunction.

A low sperm count deficiency can cause many problems like reduced bone density, reduced muscle mass and decreased libido. It can also increase the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer, and even death.

You should increase testosterone naturally, but the problem is how to boost natural testosterone in men? There is the best solution to this problem. Musli Kaunch Capsules are the best way to boost natural testosterone in men.

Musli Kaunch Capsules are a purely natural product that contains natural and powerful herbal ingredients that help to increase natural testosterone in men without casting any side effects. These herbal pills increase emission of testosterone by discharging HGH in high quantity and also stop the demolition of this hormone by harmful hormones such as prolactin.

Musli Kaunch capsules are the perfect way to increase testosterone in men as it is not only helpful to increase testosterone but also increases other youthful hormones to keep excellent hormonal balance and defends physical as well as mental health of a person.

Along with Musli Kaunch Capsules, you should also try some other methods to increase natural testosterone in men. You should eat diets rich in fats such as omega-3 fat, monounsaturated fat, etc. that help to boost naturally testosterone in men. You should eat more nuts and seeds, fatty fish, avocados, vegetable oils, olives, and natural peanut butter to boost testosterone level in the body. You should also get more Zinc as it is vital for the production of testosterone. Zinc is very helpful to prevent testosterone to be converted into estrogen. Zinc is also helpful to produce healthier sperm count (Read this article for more ideas on increasing your sperm count). You should take foods rich in zinc include oysters, seafood, liver, poultry, nuts and seeds. Fiber is also very helpful to naturally increase testosterone in men. You should include fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans in your diet to get fiber as well as to increase testosterone naturally. You should also take vitamin A, B, C, and E.

You should lose your body fat and should dispose of excess estrogen to naturally increase testosterone. You can eat more raw cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, collard greens, turnips, kale and cabbage that help to get rid of excess estrogen and body fat. You should try to keep away from xenoestrogens (man-made estrogens).

These are mostly found in things like artificial growth hormones and steroids, pesticides, air fresheners, plastic containers, etc. Xenoestrogens increase the female hormone estrogen whereas reduces the testosterone level. You should eat more pesticides free and organic fruits and vegetables, and you should wash them to reduce the chances of consuming xenoestrogens. You should use glass products to store water and food rather than plastic, as plastic products are likely to produce xenoestrogens.

You should take at least 8 hours of sleep every night and should remain free from stress and tension. You should practice exercises regularly for at least 30 minutes each day. You should avoid intake of alcohol and smoking to naturally increase testosterone in men.

Along with considering all these things you should regularly take Musli Kaunch Capsules for three to four months to naturally increase testosterone in men.

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Can a Citizen Really Decide in This Election?

television-remote-control-525705_640The performance of a candidate centrally relies on the media. Elections are the center piece of democracy. The difference between a genuine candidate and a wannabe seems to manifest better in debates and interviews. We all know it is all scripted, and can’t help but wonder, how scripts are applied for a vying candidate to win citizens. How then is the treatment of the media to candidates? How well do citizens comprehend the media and potential candidates so far?


It is all a matter of getting personal. Citizens do not understand stylized policy questions. The average voter understands personality better than foreign affairs or complex doctrines. After all, the ideas are vague, the promises at times laughable. However, citizens will understand a candidate from a personal level, with raw simple questions they would be curious to learn. How secular or religious is a candidate, for instance. How open are they on controversial issues? A candidate seems to have a positive image if he or she has a family. All the same, address issues citizens will want to hear about from the candidate’s point of view.

Opinion Polls

This is the bell ringer on what chances the candidate has on winning or losing. They are an interesting segment on presidential coverage. Opinion polls create an overall anxiety, especially towards the onset of elections. Most citizens have found themselves in the dilemma of a personal choice or heeding an opinion poll. The media should restrain giving the public much data on opinion polls. Highlights on the candidates fairing are enough. Numbers are too objective and confusing. Not everyone agrees on what a candidate says or does. So, we can safely say, opinion polls think for the citizens.


Aah. Debates. We all look forward to seeing the candidate one on one, but on television. This is another platform for a candidate to showcase, hyperbole and exaggeration. It’s all about creating a positive image. Facts are mistaken candidness. After all, the citizens are watching! However, the greatest positive images seem to offer the exact opposite once elected. It’s all about image. The news overly talking about a candidate alter the citizen’s stands. There is no evading “the perfect candidate news”

Proper coverage should draw the line between just uppercased news, highlights and played debates. News should be covered in both a strategic and objective manner. In such a way, the citizen should be able to make their personal choice come elections.

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TV News and the Presidential Coverage

antenna-490683_640As the Democratic and the Republican parties wind up their primaries in a bid to have the best contenders for the much awaited, November 16, 2016 elections, there have been flashes of new developments here and there within the parties. Television News have been awash with political messages from every quarter of the nation.

Media houses like CNBC, FOX business, Aljazeera America, Fox News, Bloomberg, MNSNBC, and LinkTV, have gone out of their way to give detailed coverage of these political happenings. These TV houses have been upfront in broadcasting results of primary caucuses, airing live presidential contenders’ debates, reporting on candidates’ political moves such as those opting out the race or joining hands with erstwhile contenders in the race.

Moreover, they have been reporting each and every incidences surrounding the upcoming presidential elections. One of the latest happening to be widely aired by the TV houses was the Chicago chaos that forced Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate to, postpone his rally. The rally was to be held at the University of Illinois.

Perhaps more worthy of commendation, has been the media houses expose on presidential candidates’ gaffes and profiles. The gaffes have served to bring to fore some candidates lack of very crucial national and international policies. It was for this reason that Ben Carson’s ratings plummeted all over sudden, dropping from being a Republican party top contender. He finally quit the race. Recently, Democratic Party presidential contender was forced to make an apology for remarking that Nancy Reagan played a crucial role in AIDS development. Further, some candidates’ past dealings such as non-compliance with the law have also been brought to light. Suffice it to say, the TV news have served to enlighten the electorates on every presidential contender for the to be able to make informed choices.

Of another importance, the TV coverage have offered candidates platforms to articulate their issues and to project their brands. Some candidates have endeavored to appear as figures of unity. Others have been projected as separatists with divisive ideas and agendas. This has served to bolster or to pour cold water on the candidates’ presidential ambitions.

Finally, through the statics and research conducted and aired by media houses on the impending presidential elections, electorates and indeed the nation at large have been shown to be polarized. The reported incidences of chaos such the Chicago incidence has indeed indicated that the country at large is polarized. These TV news are, therefore, a wake-up call for stern measures to be taken to contain these happenings and avoid further incidences.

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